/Seneca staff rushed into burning home

Seneca staff rushed into burning home

1The principal, custodians, a security guard and groundsmen from Seneca Middle School rushed to a burning home and aided in the safety of two small children Tuesday morning.

Seneca custodial workers Jim Enright and Craig Pagluica, two groundsmen, Al Gallina, and Anthony Etergenieso, security guard Pat Hooper as well as Principal Gemma Salvia and Assistant Principal John Ruggiero, were in the school building and noticed fire coming from the chimney at the home located right behind the parking lot at the middle school.

They immediately ran to the house and found two small children (ages 1 and 3) in the home and opened all windows and doors to relieve some of the smoke. Police, ambulance, and fire fighters showed up to discover that the chimney was cracked, clogged, and badly damaged.

“If it were not for the heroic and quick response from Jim, Craig, Pat, Al, and Anthony I don’t know what would have happened to those children,” Salvia said.