/Sachem Students Headed to Military Branches

Sachem Students Headed to Military Branches

Every year Sachem graduates dozens of students who serve in various branches of the military, either through service academies, ROTC programs or enlisting immediately.

There have been thousands of men and women who have graduated from Sachem and served our country and we are grateful and proud of their service. #GoArrows #USA

Students from Sachem East going into military

  • Nicholas Joseph Andreotti, U.S. Army
  • Thomas Isaiah Michael Brady, U.S. Marines
  • Kyle James Dowd, U.S. Marines
  • Austin Jerome DeRosa, Stony Brook University ROTC
  • Robert Bartholomew Gansrow, United States Air Force Academy
  • Zachary David Gao, United States Coast Guard Academy
  • Nicholas Anthony Garofalo, U.S. Army
  • Jorge Gonzalez, U.S. Army
  • Logan Joseph O’Hara, U.S. Air Force National Guard
  • Matthew Michael Olivieri, U.S. Marines
  • Troy Adrian Robinson, Niagara County Community College ROTC
  • Zachary Alan Wally, U.S. Army

Students from Sachem North going into military

  • Richard Breier, U.S. Marines
  • Michael Carey, U.S. Navy
  • Amadeus Garay-Reyes, U.S. Marines
  • Lisette Granada, U.S. Marines
  • Nicholas Licostie, U.S. Marines
  • Austin McCormick, U.S. Navy
  • Brody McCoy, U.S. Marines
  • Andrew Mendell, U.S. Army
  • Kenny Sanchez, U.S. Marines
  • Matthew Sofia, U.S. Navy
  • Sean Szlepcsik, U.S. Army
  • Samantha Sommers, United States Air Force Academy
  • Liam Donohue, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Air Force ROTC