/Sachem Alum Inspires Future Student-Athlete

Sachem Alum Inspires Future Student-Athlete

Photo captured on University of Florida Instagram account says 1,000 words.

This photo above was posted on the University of Florida lacrosse Instagram account.

Sachem alum Cara Trombetta is a star on the lacrosse team at Florida. Posing with her is Kaylee Mauro, the daughter of Sachem alum, teacher and coach, Jay Mauro.

Trombetta, a sophomore who earned Honorable Mention All-American honors as a freshman, was in town recently for a fall game at Stony Brook University. Kaylee will attend Wenonah and one day hopefully play for the Flaming Arrows.

Jay is a lacrosse coach at Stony Brook and was an All-American at Sachem.

Cara’s mom Patti is also the principal of Sachem North.

One big happy Sachem family … and the key ingredient that keeps it all together is PRIDE!

-Words by Chris R. Vaccaro