/Three Sachem Alumni Train, Run NYC Marathon Together

Three Sachem Alumni Train, Run NYC Marathon Together

Three Sachem alumni ran in the New York City Marathon as part of Team Mission United, a group of 12 runners who raised funds on behalf of Long Island veterans and their families.

Gina Merante, Megan Power and Samantha Maurice all ran the 26-mile race on Sunday across the city.

All three had previous marathon and race experience through their high school, college and post-grad days.

“I think it’s a great cause for people who have committed themselves to something so difficult,” said Maurice. “Running the marathon to support them and raise awareness is the least I can do.”

They all had the opportunity to train together, which made the experience unique.

“Training together helps a lot. It makes it all seem that much more doable,” said Merante. “I had been trying to get into the marathon for four years, so when Megan asked us about running with Team Mission United, I was in shock.”

Results aside, the prospect of raising awareness for veterans was the most important endeavor as part of this adventure.

“When I’m fundraising, and talking to people, they don’t realize how pervasive the problems that veterans face are,” said Power. “I want to raise awareness about how many veterans on Long Island need help.”

-Words by Chris R. Vaccaro